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Boot Camps

Challenge yourself, challenge your team

The barracks is the perfect place to mix team building, hard physical work, mental toughness and charcoal black star filled nights around the fire pit.

Corporate events, and fitness weekends, training camps or just a total change of scenery. We'll work with you to make it memorable and meaningful.




By taking your team out of the office and into a truly unfamiliar environment where working together is the only way forward, see the changes in collaboration and communication this experience helps them to discover


Target Driven

With 20 years experience in training and team building, and lifetimes of target based philosoiphy, we will design with you a programme to achieve whatever aims you are looking for



Take the Product Boot Camp. 

Day One: we learn how everyone is a designer by considering ducks

Day Five: presentation of wooden duck houses concepted, designed and created in the wood shop over the last four days



There really isn't anything else like it. 

Targetted, progressive courses for professionals which include chopping wood, open fires and mushroom identification walks.

Vegan Badass



Anyone and everyone these days seems to be designing fitness programmes and giving them fancy names. We call ours "real proper work"



Good honest sweat-of-your back labour, outdoors under whatever weather the heavens send us, working with teams of friends or strangers, is insanely fulfilling. 

And then vegan BBQ, singing and music around a fire pit under the blackest skies you have seen in the evening.

It's a good life


Form and function

All forestry and farming work done by hand can also be done by machine. Learning the proper technique to fell trees by hand ensures a complete balance fully body workout. 



Body conditioning takes time. Results come, but they come slowly. 

On the Badass Bootcamps, you build, make and create things. See the results on your labour on the same day.

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