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The purpose of the barracks is to highlight Climate Catastrophe. Authenticity in the message is of paramount importance. 

The delusion that tomorrow is going to be very much like today is strong in the people. 

Here are some highlights of the times when journalists and researchers at least thought it was at least an interesting idea

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Deutsche Welle

Punkt 12 / Explosiv Stories

DW is properly independent. They get to make whatever content they want to. 

When Aditi suggested coming and "telling my story", I said that I had done that too many times already, and that we should try to think of something more interesting.

This is the angle that we went with. 

I still think Aditi‘s optimism is misguided in a person, and dangerous in a journalist, but you can watch it and make your own mind up 



Punkt 12 / Explosiv Stories

RTL is Germany's largest private television network.

They came to the barracks, the reporter, a cameraman and a sound guy, for just over 24 hours. They much have got over 12 hours of footage, and then we went to Berlin to meet up with one of the kiddos and for some more filming. 

The finished segment was about 6-and-a-half minutes long and was shown twice - once on the midday magazine programme Punkt 12 and once on the evening Explosiv Stories.


The Observer

Weekend Guardian

The Guardian sent their Berlin bureaux chief, Philip Olternam, down to The Barracks to write a profile about the crazy Englishman shouting about the incoming Climate Castatrophe and he seems to have very much captured the Zeitgeist of a world in collapse. 

I got a whole page in the main newspaper, and the digital article stayed on the front page of the online version for over a week, racking up over half a million clicks.

Screenshot 2022-11-13 at 08.08.57.png

Vanity Fair Italy

Posh Tabloid Magazine

After the Guardian piece, there was a lot of interest from other publications.

Some local newspapers, some optimistic documentary film makers and, astoundingly, Conde Nast's top tabloid magazine - Vanity Fair (Italian version).

Naturally, I'm super excited about this, but it's more impressive than accurate. They chose not to speak to me, and the factual and tonal inaccuracies are mostly amusing. 

Every word is bollocks, but it's kinda cool all the same, right?

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 19.23.15.png

Das Magazin

Swiss national news

The weekend magazine from Switzerland's most respected independent broadsheet magazine.

It's styled after the New York Times Magazine and famous for its long-form reporting and high quality photo reportage.

The writer Hannes Grassegger visited me twice and wrote a 6,000 word article on people's responses to climate catastrophe.


It's behind a paywall, but it's a well written and deeply researched piece

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 19.29.44.png


Kamponagel Summer Festival

Following on from the article in Das Magazin, Hannes was invited to curate and moderate a 3 hour discussion panel as part of the Kampnagel Summer Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

Being on stage with Hannes, David Wallace Wells, Jem Bendell and Roy Scranton easily ranks as one of the proudest moments in my life. 

Even if you can totally tell that they are all professional writers and speakers, and I'm some hick farmer with no presentation skills whatsoever!


Festival site here

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 15.36.58.png


Saxony Daily Broadsheet

I live in Saxony, and when the biggest paper in the state called and asked for an interview, after some discussion, I realised they were actually interested.

They came and visited for a whole day, and when it appeared in the paper, I was amazed to see that it was the full Page 3 spread.

The google translate of it can't be trusted. It gives "aussteiger" as "dropout". This is not a good translation, but it is a funny one!

Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 12.26.44.png


Swiss Broadsheet

I was asked for my "Rules for Life". 

I knew that there were going to be a bunch of folks providing their personal insights into this article, I didn't expect to be in such luminary company.

From Umberto Eco to Paris Hilton, who would have thought it?

Paywall... :(

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