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Visiting the Barracks

Living Radical Authenticity

At The Barracks, food miles are zero, carbon consumption is net positive by thousands of kilogrames per person, standards are high and drugs are forbidden.

To be a part of this experiment / life long art project / lived philosophy, come and see it for yourself.

We have visitors in the summer months only. And a bit of the autumn.

Please remember you are coming to a self-sufficient farm, not a commercial one, and work needs to be done for the survival of the experiment and this is always number one priority.

The Pirate Ben is usually available for chats, but during the day, he will mostly be ridiculously busy, or having a siesta. 

Your time here is your own. There will not be a programme of events.

We do, however 

Go on mushroom walks

Chop wood

Karma yoga

Cook, read and talk together

There may be some singing.



Think  of it as glam self catering with some food available from the gardens most of the time. It is not pick-your-own.


Before you arrive, we will ask you to sign a waiver form to confirm that you indemnify against all and any damage to yourself or your property for the entirety of your stay.

Artist Residencies


Supporting the Arts

The barracks, surrounded by the silence of nature, the authenticity of a project, the energy of which inspires and challenges in equal measure.

We are listed on ResArtis (search for The Barracks), but you can also read more about what we do and the Arts Residency here

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IMG_20210514_154224 (1).jpg


Coffee, snacks, internet
Peace, quiet, and time to think and work
IMG_20210517_125146 (1).jpg


Curated double bills at the weekend

The cinema also has wifi, for streaming movies, or book it as a screening room


We are quite remote ...

If you want to come here as a base to explore Germany, you had better bring a car. 

Cycling is fun, but we live at the local maximum elevation. Going anywhere is fun, but coming back is always uphill. 

The nearest shop is 6km away. You don't want to cycle it unless you are pretty bike-fit, but it's a nice walk (hastag: HILLY!)

Our closest Post Office is more like 8km, and the nearest town with more than one shop is 20km. 

Three cities are around 140km away - Leipzig and Prague being two of them.

IMG_20201025_090057 (1).jpg

Yoga room

Most days summer yoga

6am Wake up most mornings

6:15 Ashtanga half primary Wednesday

10am Sunday stretch



We dont have a one-size fits all price.

We try to find a price suitable for the individual. We can help you to find out what your contribution should be.

Try this:

How much would you spend on a holiday of a similar length?

What would you be prepared to pay for a course of learning. Most people come here expecting to learn. Either something practical - gardening skills, the preparation of firewood, how to improve soil quality - or something intellectual.  You will have conversations here you cannot have anywhere else. 

How much is rent in the area where you live? How much is Airbnb? This is a most helpful guide - it is already somewhat personalised to your unique situation. I think its fair to contribute something between these two numbers. (rent and airbnb)

We do not do work-exchange unless you have skills we do not!

Please get in touch if you are low waged, or coming under special circumstances which merit a discount, and we can talk!

We are not 100% disabled accessible, but we are getting better.


We provide bed linen, please bring your own towels.



If you have any other questions, please do get in touch​

If you know your arrival date, please tell us And let us know how long you would like to be staying.


Let us know when is a good time to contact you, and if you would like email or a Zoom call

Thank you!

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