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August 18th - August 24th 

  • minimise the time we spend in collapse

  • maximise the chances for rebuilding

About the Laboratory


The purpose of the Barracks, of the Collapse Laboratory is to answer two questions:
  • Is there anything that we can do to limit the amount of time we spend in collapse?

  • What can we do to help the rebuilding project once humanity starts to emerge from collapse?

This year, we take inspiration from the richness of the Greek language to help guide us towards meaningful, useful contemplations. Each day, we will discuss over breakfast how a different aspect of LOVE, corresponding to one of the many Greek words for love relates to collapse and rebuilding. 

And every evening, our amazing chef will present us with his interpretation of the day's love aspect on our plates as we eat together the fantastic food he creates for us from the food grown at the barracks, outside your window.

  • Up to six nights accommodation at the Barracks

  • All discussion groups and workshops

  • Two cooked vegan meals a day, plenty of snacks available all day

  • Evening meal prepared by top vegan chef

  • Use of the extensive library and free roaming of the Barracks

  • Optional gardening sessions with the Pirate

  • Optional Karma Yoga

  • Pigs!



Day 1 Agape

a sense of the eternal

Day 2 Philia

the importance of friendships

Day 3 Storge

family and the stories we tell ourselves

Day 4 Eros

the abyss of desire and the paradox of union

Day 5 Ludus

maintaining joy and play in collapse

Day 6 Pragma

What endures, no matter what the circumstance?

Day 7 Philuatia

Cultivating self love within the void

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A typical day

There are no typical days, but depending on weather and enthusiasm, this would not be unusual!

6 am

Yoga for early risers

Free practice, or follow along. Or enjoy the extra two hours in bed.

10 am

Forest bathing

While some of us discuss the theme of the day in the library, the reading room or over a game of table tennis, another group has chosen to go on an intentional relaxation walk in the forest.


Croquet Tournament

Play is especially important when times are tough. Today, a fun croquet tournament on the Sportsplatz.


Breaking the fast

We sit together, introduce today's love topic and how it related to rebuilding and our human future.


Lunch is Served!

Lunch is usually light, maybe salads, fruits, open sandwiches! Who knows what our culinary team have created today?



After we have fed the pigs, maybe the highlight of the day. Dinner inspired by today's theme, discussions and enjoyable exchange. Maybe a bonfire after?


Your Role

You have exchanged modern living for a week at The Barracks.

This in itself can be inspirational and even healing. 


You have chosen to join a makeshift community of like-minded journeyfolks who can see with clarity that collapse is coming - soon - and who have accepted it. 


We have separately been through the mental struggles that acceptance requires and in the decision to come and join in the collapse laboratory, we want to join with others to find ways to help with the rebuilding of society before we forget what the best of society can mean.

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All activities are optional, available to all guests, subject to weather and interest, but some of the things we do here include:


Every morning - 6:00am

Some people will almost certainly be doing yoga from 6am. You can join in this semi-lead class, freeform it, or use our dedicated yoga room any time you wish


Constructive Exhange

We don't assume that we are going to solve all, some, any of the questions of collapse or the solutions which will help in rebuilding. But maybe we will get to understand the problems better.


Vegan Master Chef

We are incredibly pleased to be welcoming back for a second successful year, Jack McNulty, restauranteur, chef and vegan blogger


Calming the mind

We take relaxation seriously. Borrow a book from the library, chill in a hammock, easy forest walks; freeing the mind in nature is essential to clear thinking

What is the Barracks?

The home of the happy doomer

Built: 1963

1963 - 1991: The Grenztruppen of the NVA

1995 - 2000: Home for assylum seekers

2004 - 2009: Private occupation

2019 - RIGHT NOW! - the Collapse Laboratory

Straddling the iron curtain, between East and West Europe

The Barracks is Europe‘s first and only organisation to provide exclusively a radically authentic space for the contemplation and consideration of climate catastrophe.

Upcoming Events

  • The Collapse Laboratory 2024
    The Collapse Laboratory 2024
    Sa., 17. Aug.
    17. Aug. 2024, 14:00 – 25. Aug. 2024, 18:00
    Triebel, Triebel, Germany
    17. Aug. 2024, 14:00 – 25. Aug. 2024, 18:00
    Triebel, Triebel, Germany
    one week to save the world
  • The Writing Retreat
    The Writing Retreat
    Fr., 06. Sept.
    06. Sept. 2024, 17:00 – 08. Sept. 2024, 16:30
    Triebel, 08 Triebel, Germany
    06. Sept. 2024, 17:00 – 08. Sept. 2024, 16:30
    Triebel, 08 Triebel, Germany
    We are delighted to present WriteNow Berlin's two-day writing retreat designed to eliminate any excuses you might have for not writing.


Answers and Requirements

If you have any questions about or special requirements for you booking, please let us know and we will do what we can to answer and accommodate.

Thank you!

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