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The Barracks Code of Conduct

Be excellent to each other

Don't cause offence

Don't be offended

100% drug free

  • Vounteering at the Barracks
    Yes please! We're on Workaway, you can find us there, or contact us either here, or through instagram ( You will be asked to work 5 hours a day, 6 days a week. But you'll end up doing more. It's just the way of the place. I promise, I won't ask you to (I'm more likely to be going round telling you to take a break!), but the never ending meditation of weeding and watering and mowing is something that seems to be more enjoyable than not doing it for most people :) If I ask you to do anything you are in any way uncomfortable with for any reason at all, you don't do it. While you are here, your food and lodgings are free. There will be the occasional alcohol. Cigarettes are your own concern. No drugs are allowed at all. Food provided will be vegan. If you want to bring in a small amount of vegetarian stuff as well - milk and yoghurt, eggs and cheese - then go ahead. If you bring meat, fish, poultry, etc, you will be asked to leave. Pretty much every evening is pretty social :)
  • Friends and Family Visitors
    First up - I'm really glad you're coming! We've probably not seen each other in a while, eh? The Barracks is the perfect time out from your normal lives. But be warned, the longer you stay, the longer you want to stay, and the more time dilates! You might want to be flexible with your plans :) If you are coming by campervan, or car and tent, then flexibility is king. There is so much room here, just let me know when you are coming, so that I can open the gate. Beyond that - enjoy your stay! If you want to stay in one of the guest suites (lol!) then it might be helpful to pin down more exact dates. There might be around 300 rooms here, but they are most definitely not all livable. And only a very small fraction of them have beds. Or lighting. You should think about your stay here as "self catering". Bring what you need. There will be some cooking from the garden, if season allows, but don't count on it! Please respect the veganism of the place. Small amounts of vegetarian bits and pieces are tollerated. Flesh is not!
  • How do I get to the there?
    The location of the barracks isn't a secret. It is managed information. Anyone who tries hard enough can probably find us quite easily. That's ok. If you care that much to do your own research, you deserve to know. Journalists who come here have to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) which says they are not allowed publish the location, and they are not allowed to give anyone any information which makes it easier for them to find out. Anyone else coming makes that pledge verbally, or email or something, but I don't ask you to sign. I am in Saxony. If you are desperate to know where, get in touch and tell me why.
  • What's this about the Barracks being only for vegan yogis?
    You don't have to be a vegan yogi to come here. You have to eat plant-based for the time that you are here, and you are welcome to join morning Ashtanga yoga at 7am 6 days a week (except moon days!), but you don't have to. The question really is, if you find that intollerable or you think that you wouln't be happy amongst a group of people who are vegan yogis, why would you come?
  • How much does it cost to visit?
    There isn't a fixed price list We do, however, have costs. Internet (and the hosting of this website!) taxes (can't avoid those!) and food for volunteers. Also, general maintenence costs can get crazy. It's amazing how prices baloon when everything is so damn massive! So, for visitors, we ask you to think about what an equivalent holiday would cost, and to think about donating a portion of that (maybe 50%?) to the "let's not let the thing fall down" fund. If you feel uncomfortable with that, maybe get something from our amazon wish list Thanks!
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