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Supporting the Arts


All activities are optional, but some of the things we do here include:

  • early morning yoga every day

  • breakfast round table

  • shinrin-yoku - guided forest bathing 

  • an opportunity to help in the productive gardens

  • woodworking, bricklaying, making things

  • evening meal prepared using exclusively food from the gardens; naturally organic, zero food miles

IMG_20200817_172201 (1).jpg

2020 Julia Deptuła

The barracks residency was life-changing. There I learned to live with revised values that enriched me forever. I remember all the conversations with Ben, whose mind and soul seem to be one with the place, and then with the world and sky. It is a wealth which cheerful palette is as complete as anything.

Not much in world, even in scraps, make such a whole living picture. I think it changed me as an artist. It allowed me to reject a lot of egoic perspectives and taught me to look wider and closer. Focus on what is now and what is here.

The concept of green has expanded to the limits of space, which is what I wish for every person participating in these self-sufficient workshops - to see and look into the vastness at the same time. Ben-Barrracks is an ideal and very faithful friend of the world and the earth, the lesson which come from it is always a beatifull story to start a chapter of a travel inside the world with great, real values.

Fine art

2021 Marie Gembrich

I was the artist in Residence at the Barracks in early 2021. 
Ben gave me the opportunity to do my first ever tattoos with a gun, after doing stick and poke for a long time. So being there was a huge milestone for me in my tattooing journey. Back then I could make new space in my head because the surrounding just has this unbelievable calming energy. I

t‘s perfect to get in a creative flow, especially when you weren’t able to in a long time. It‘s just a special place, and Ben is doing an amazing job keeping this place alive in any way possible!

Up and coming tattoo artist i
n Berlin

2023 Martin Theis



Answers and Requirements

If you have any questions about or special requirements for you booking, please let us know and we will do what we can to answer and accommodate.

Thank you!

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