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Yoga, Bakti, Massage

In this journey you will learn elements of the four path of yoga gnana yoga (the yoga of the intellect) raja yoga (the yoga of the body) karma yoga (yoga of selfless action) and bhakti yoga (the yoga of the spirit).

About Your Teacher

Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha

Simone grew up in the south of Italy, discovering yoga at the age of 17.

At 19, he left his home country to spend 8 years in England learning Shiatsu from Vito Ancona


In London, he started practicing Shiatsu, and gave his first yoga classes. His first clients soon became his second family. After some time, he decided to go to India to look for a guru to teach him the secrets of this ancient science. Here he met Mahi.

Together with Mahi, he completed his Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training and followed him in his travels, settling as a teacher in Arambol, Goa.


After leaving Goa, Simone started his own missionary travels, spreading the knowledge of his masters, taking him to India, Nepal, back to Italy, Russia and Central America.

In Thailand he gained a TTC in Traditional Thai Massage


Now settled in Germany, Simone organises retreats and teaches Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama for all levels. He creates a welcoming, inclusisve environment for everyone regardless of experience.

With his friendly attitude, he brings in his classes fun but serious vibes where everyone can enjoy and learn and share.

  • Own tent

  • Yoga mat 

  • Pen & Paper

  • Rain jacket

  • Sun screen

  • Warm clothes (mornings and evenings can get chilly)

  • Trekking shoes

  • Comfortable clothes

Cooked by you, vegan and vegetarian options, three times a day

Fresh filtered well water, tea and coffee available all day. Juices

Food and Drink

  • 7:30 Morning meditation & yoga flow

  • 9:00 Breakfast 

  • 10:00 Karma yoga*

  • 13:30 Lunch

  • 15:00 Massage workshop

  • 19:00 Evening bhakti yoga practice

  • 20:00 Light Dinner**

  • 20:30 Satsang around the fire

  • 21:30 Sleep

A Typical Day

What to Bring

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