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Sa., 17. Aug.



The Collapse Laboratory 2024

one week to save the world

The Collapse Laboratory 2024
The Collapse Laboratory 2024

Time & Location

17. Aug. 2024, 14:00 – 25. Aug. 2024, 18:00

Triebel, Triebel, Germany

About the event

The guided theme of this year's Collapse Laboratory is love. 

Every day, we eat breakfast together, and introduce the aspect of love under consideraton. 

The purpose of the Barracks, of the Collpase Laboratory is to answer two questions:

1.  Is there anything that we can do to limit the amount of time we spend in collapse?

2. What can we do to help the rebuilding project once humanity starts to emerge from collapse?

These are impossible questions to answer. But it is important that there are people dedicated to thinking about them. 

To help guide us hopefully towards meaningful, useful conclusions, each day, we will discuss over breakfast how an aspect of love relates to collapse and rebuilding. 

  1. Agape (ἀγάπη): "Keeping a sense of the eternal when our horizons shink"
  2. Philia (φιλία): "The importance of friendship"
  3. Storge (στοργή): "Family and the stories we tell ourselves"
  4. Eros (ἔρως): "The abyss of desire and the paradox of union"
  5. Ludus (λύδος): "Maintaining joy in play amidst collapse?"
  6. Pragma (πρᾶγμα): "What endures, no matter the circmstance?"
  7. Philautia (φιλαυτία): "Cultivating self-love withing the existential void"


All activities are optional, available to all guests, subject to weather and interest, but some of the things we do here include:

  • early morning yoga every day
  • breakfast round table
  • shinrin-yoku - guided forest bathing
  • an opportunity to help in the productive gardens
  • woodworking, bricklaying, making things
  • karma yoga

evening meal created by our master chef using exclusively food from the gardens; naturally organic, zero food miles.

The chef and the pirate have been putting considerable thought into what to grow and what to cook, and each meal will be the chef's reposnse through food to the day's love-related question.


The Barracks has variously been described as "An Arc against climate collapse", "a living art project" and "home of the Happy Doomer"


  • grow all our own food
  • are working on the extensive medical herb garden for 2024
  • contemplate rebuilding after collapse
  • practice radical authenticity
  • rescue piggies
  • love being alive, in the middle of a beautiful forest, miles from civilisation.

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