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A Dangerous Addiction To Trees

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

At some point, I am going to add a database of trees on the barracks to this here website, to go along with the mushroom database.

That's the good thing about a database. You can add things to it nice and easily. Such as trees I currently haven't identified, German and other international names, pictures, ages. All that. What other information would you like to know? Tell me in the comments or on my Instagram

I'll get around to it at some point. It's not that much work, but I'm hoping that spring will actually appear some time soon. And I am kinda busy with sowing a gazillion seeds in a bajillion pots. If the snow clears up for long enough, I'd quite like to dig some new ground as well.

Until then, here is the (updated, but almost certainly incomplete list) of trees which are currently here.

Trees which were already here when I moved in.

Norway spruce / Picea abies

European silver fir / Abies alba

Caucasian fir / Abies nordmaniana

Blue spruce / Picea pungens

Horse chestnut / Aesculus hippocastanum

Silver birch / Betula pendula

Paper birch / Betula papyrifera*

European larch / Larix decidua

Common oak / Quercus robur

Red oak / Quercus rubra

Common alder / Alnus glutinosa

White poplar / Populus alba

Aspen / Populus tremula

Ash / Fraxinus ornus

Weeping willow Salix babylonica

Beech / Fagus sylvatica

Rowan / Sorbus aucuparia

Whitebeam / Sorbus aria

Hazel / Corylus avellana

Lilac / Syringa vulgaris

A Sweet Cherry / Prunus avium

A Sour Cherry / Prunus cerasus

Elder / Sambucus nigra

Some unknown maple / Acer

Another unknown maple / Acer

I’m not good at maples/ Acer

Trees I have planted.

Beech / Fagus sylvatica

Red oak / Quercus rubra

Common oak / Quercus robur

Shagbark hickory / Carya ovata

Weeping willow / Salix babylonica

Cracked willow / Salix fagilis

Hornbeam / Carpinus betulus

Red alder / Alnus glutinosa

Spindle tree / Euonymus europaeus

Caucasian fir / Abies nordmanina

Douglas Fir / Pseudotsugo menziesii

Californian redwood / Sequoiadendron giganteum

Chinese redwood / Metasequoia glyptostroboides

True service tree / Sorbus domestica

Wild service tree / Sorbus torminalis

Sweet chestnut / Castanea sativa

Apple (8 vars) / Malus domestica

Pear (2 varieties) / Pyrus

Plum / Prunus

Damson / Prunus

Mirabelle / Prunus

Peach / Prunus

Apricot / Prunus

Sweet Cherry / Prunus avium

Sour Cherry / Prunus cerasus

Pomegranate / Punica granatum

Medlar / Mespilus germanica

Quince / Cydonia oblonga

Hazelnut / Corylus avellana

Filibert / Corylus maxima

Walnut / Juglans regia

Juniper / Juniperus

I know that I have forgotten some. And I know that there are some which I haven't identified yet. More of a time thing than anything else.

Still, I make that 56 different trees on the barracks so far.

If you could plant any tree, what tree would it be?

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