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A Stake in the Future

As more people are discovering, gardening is a positive experience, in part because it is a physical manifestation of a belief in a future. And if you have lived through 2020, a belief in a future is a declaration of human resilience. Planting trees which you will never climb, nor hang a hammock from, nor rest in their shade, is either an act of faith or defiance, depending on your point of view.

I like them both!

I am planning on writing a post about this soon. But this is not it.

This is about planting trees, but not a post about how to plant trees. I might write that post as well. In fact, I have just in this moment decided to go and buy a few more fruit trees specifically so I can write a post on planting them.

But that will be in a couple of weeks. No. This is a brag post.

Yesterday, a neighbour and friend asked me if I could come and plant some trees for her. Her husband's tractor graveyard has been garnering complaints from the locals. I mean, it's a bit scrappy, but we live in the countryside. I didn't know we had tractor-related NIMBYism around here.

So, we found and dug up a selection of self-seeded aspen and beach and poplars, and dug them up and made some nice stakes from mountain ash, and I dug holes and planted trees and drove stakes into the ground.

This post is about nothing more than - Oh My God, Look At My Straight Lines Of Trees!

Seriously, if you want a line of trees planted, and you want them to be really really straight, you know where to come!

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