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The Most Satisfying Meal I Ever Have Made


may well be the most satisfying meal I have ever made.

I like to start every year with a food-related project. One year, I decided to grow a pizza. I guess, in the end, it was more like a bruschetta, but all technicalities count, amirite?

This year, me two new-to-me targets were to grow pickled onions and tomato ketchup.

I have never made pickled onions. Usually because I am not terribly good at growing onions. I don't know what it is. Some things just grow easily for me (cabbages and potatoes) and some always seem to cause problems (onions and garlic). This year, they did ok. Not great, but a bit better than usual, and I had enough left over to make pickleds. For the first time.

The tomatoes this year went crazy. It may have something to do with having 54 plants outside and 13 inside. Maybe. But there were a lot of tomatoes. So I made ketchup. Also for the first time.

Believe it or not, I have never grown calabrese before. All the rest of the cabbage family many times, but never calabrese. It's delicious.

And in the ever-increasing unlikeliness stakes, I have never cooked proper twice-fried chip-shop-style chips. Really. I once made a bet with someone that I could cook potatoes 100 ways. I wrote the list, and started cooking them, but never got as far as "fat chips".

I can't remember the last time I had a plate entirely of firsts.

It is most satisfying.

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