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There's no such thing as Optimism

Updated: May 20, 2022

Until recently, every prediction and every warning made made by climatologists has been wrong. Too mild, too fearful, too low and too slow.


The Paris Agreement was signed 7 years ago. It was weak at the time, it's positively superannuated now.

Of all the countries which have ratified it (which is nearly all countries), two are on target to reach their promises - Morocco and The Gambia. Promises which might have limited to global heating to below 2 degrees (a claim I find absolutely unbelievable, but whatever), but if implemented today, don't stand a chance. 188 countries are not going to meet their targets.

188 countries are not doing enough to hit their not-enough targets.

This year, people in the richest parts of the world are going to die from starvation. It's been happening for decades in the global south. No-one in power seems to care very much about that. There is no sign from any quarter that when it comes to the rich nations anything is going to change.

The blame will be placed at the feet of the blamer's personal demon - the government, the Russians, the global downturn, the chip shortage, gay marriage, Elon Musk, plastic straws, capitalism itself.

The reality is, that every politician, pundit and publication which has taken money from a fossil fuel company is guilty of conspiracy to commit genocide.

Every shareholder of a fossil fuel company is a financier of, and profiteer from, genocide.

Every person who works for a fossil fuel company in any capacity should be tried for genocide. From the kids in the post-room to the CEOs.

It is staggering that no-one is calling for these trials.

Optimism in direct opposition to the facts is a form of insanity.

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