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Two Years, Two Months, Two Days

In the last blog post, I noted that I am soon to beat Henry David Thoreau's time at Walden Pond. During / after his time there, he wrote a book which changed the face of American literature. In my time, I have written a couple of blog posts, some of which have been read by almost 100 people, not died, and achieved a degree of self sufficiency.

The Barracks Webinar

To mark this .. thing.. I don't know what to call it; achievement seems wrong. I haven't achieved anything much except extreme bloody mindedness, I am going to meet with some old friends (online, of course), and you are all invited.

After two years, two months and two days here, it's time to open the place up a little. I have been notoriously secretive about all sorts of details about the barracks. Now is the time to open up a little.

The last time there was a tour, I had no polytunnel, only about a half of the veg patch I have now, no orchard, and no piggies. There is a lot to catch up on, so we will have a tour.

I will be quizzed by my number one quizzing Journo friend.

And then a chat with a real climate specialist. Who you know.

Finally, I'd like to give everyone who wants to, the chance to ask me anything.

It's time to give back a little.

So. Details will follow, but for now, mark the date in your diary.

Saturday 29th May

Full deets to follow.

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