Why I'm not into Permaculture

This post has been a long time in the making. Today, with the compost heaps done for the year, and with enough coffee inside me, I think I am ready to make it. I'm almost certainly going to be making assumptions that aren't true. Please let me know in the comments!

These are the three big compost heaps. Last year, there were two. They are about 2m wide and 3m deep, and when they are all settled down and compost, they are a little over a meter tall. So, let's say that each one makes 6m3 of lovely wormy, rich and humussy compost.

If you look at the back left, you'll see the three little piggies. Just opposite them, there are two more identically sized heaps, and another in the orchard. I think I can probably fill a couple more, so expect this number to go up next year.

The one on the left has recently been emptied out onto next year's potato patch. Well, it's been piled up in two long rows. A good 6m3 over about 50m2. And this is why I have the best potatoes! It takes a year to fill a compost heap. Then I leave it for a year, and empty it onto next year's potatoes. Rinse and repeat.

This is the nettle field. With a bit of triangulation, you can probably work out just about where it is in relation to the compost heaps. There, once again are the Drei Wollies in the background. They get int