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Visiting the Barracks

Post-Collapse Living ​

Every part of what you understand about modern life, every interaction you have with any organisation, structure or individual outside your own family is going to change.

There are not many places in the world where you can explore the meaning of this truth in such an open and intimate setting.

We offer Work-Stay rooms only when the vegetable patch is starting to give us a lot of food

Please be aware that during your stay here, you are on a working farm. It is a self-sufficient farm, not a commercial one, but work needs to be done for the survival of the experiment and this takes precedence over the individuals in it.

Ben is always available for chats, but during the day, he will mostly be ridiculously busy, or having a siesta. 

If you want to help out with general tasks, or karma yoga, a trusted long-time volunteer will be assigned to you when you want to pitch in, and you can shadow them. 

  • Absolute peace and tranquility

  • Dedicated Office Suite

    • Co-working space just for visitors (no volunteers!)

    • Cosy, basic but charming, bedrooms

    • Fast internet

    • Unlimited Coffee bar

  • Dining

    • Buffet breakfast

    • Cooked lunch with the communits

    • Amazing vegan food

    • Zero food miles

    • Snacks and delicious baked goods to buy from the bakery

  • All the facilities of the barracks


The rooms will be ready for August 1st. It feels a bit strange posting such "in progress" photos, but trust me, they are going to look awesome.

Each room is unique in design and feel. Each one represents a different facet of the complexity or the history of The Barracks


IMG_20210514_154224 (1).jpg


New for 2021
Coffee, snacks, internet

Peace, quiet, and time to think and work
IMG_20210517_125146 (1).jpg


Curated double bills at the weekend

The cinema also has wifi, for streaming movies, or book it as a screening room
IMG_20201025_090057 (1).jpg

Yoga room

Most days summer yoga

6am Wake up most mornings

6:15 Ashtanga half primary Wednesday

10am Sunday stretch


We are quite remote ...

If you want to come here as a base to explore Germany, you had better bring a car. 

Cycling is fun, but we live at the local maximum elevation. Going anywhere is fun, but coming back is always uphill. 

The nearest shop is 6km away. You don't want to cycle it unless you are pretty bike-fit, but it's a nice walk (hastag: HILLY!)

Our closest Post Office is more like 8km, and the nearest town with more than one shop is 20km. 

Three cities are around 140km away - Leipzig and Prague being two of them.

There is a restaurant two villages away, but it's not re-opened since Covid and if you're into your vegetarian / vegan food, then you aren't going to like this place much.  I'm not sure if the "hotel bar" in the valley is open. I don't go there.

There is a pizza place which delivers here, but they can never quite find it, so everything is slightly cold when it gets here, and you need to place a minimum order of 50 Euros to convince them to come all the way into the middle of the forest.

We only offer full board for the basic reason that there isn't an alternative!




Before you arrive, we will ask you to sign a waiver form to confirm that you indemnify against all and any damage to yourself or your property for the entirety of your stay.

Accommodation Prices

Full Board Only

Prices for accommodation in 2021 are:

EUR 32,00 per night when you stay for less than 5 nights
EUR 28,00 per night when you stay 5 nights or more
EUR 750,00 for a calendar month
Prices incl. MWSt

Please get in touch if you are low waged, or coming under special circumstances which merit a discount, and we can talk!



We provide bed linen, please bring your own towels.



If you have any other questions, please do get in touch​

If you know your arrival date, please tell us And let us know how long you would like to be staying.


Let us know when is a good time to contact you, and if you would like email or a Zoom call

Thank you!

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