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Potatoes Passionante🌱

I was once challenged to write a list of 100 different potato dishes. I failed, but I still contend that I failed through laziness rather than there not being 100 different extant potato dishes

Today, there is one more.

Potatoes Passionante🌱

(passionante is French for exciting. But the correct pronunciation of this dish is with a silly fake Spanish accent. ok?)

You will need


A onion

Rapeseed oil



Lots of nooch


An knife

Chopping Board


Griddle Pan

You can use as many potatoes as you like. The more, the merrier tbh.

It's probably best to use a variety which boils well and doesn't go too mealy. I used Marena, a new German type, registered in 1995, which prefers good soils with an even supply of water and nutrients. It has a high nematode resistance and you rarely see internal damage to the tubers. It has a long dormancy, which makes it good for storing, but also means it responds well to chitting before planting.

Chop them up into 8mm cubes without peeling them. Who peels potatoes? Seriously. The only things which get peeled around here are melons and bananas. And not always bananas. Actually, not melons either if they are going to the pigs.

Boil until boiled. You don't need me to tell you how long to boil a potato.

While they are boiling, heat up the griddle pan. Now, the important part of this step is that the griddle pan should be far too small for all the spuds. Or, put another way, you should make way more potatoes than will actually fit in the pan.

When they are boiled, wave them around in the air for a bit to get as much water off them as possible and dunk them in the griddle pan. Slosh a load of oil through them, and agitate gently so that it sinks to the bottom. Do not stir.

After a bit, you can stir them BUT NOT YET

Firstly, chop up your a onion as small as your super sharp knife will let you and sprinkle it over the chunked potatoes (not yet stirred!) as if it were salt and you had your own YouTube cooking channel. Pepper it as well.

Turn off the heat and douse your potatoes thorougly with nooch.

Heat a bowl.

Leave it for another 4 or 5 minutes, or until the boredom of waiting gets to you, and fold it into the bowl you heated not a moment ago.

Serve with green beans, freshly picked from the garden.


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